Attempt to Depart

First attempt…?

Failed! Haha. It always surprises me how much ignorance and our false ideas about how much we know and understand, can alter our reality. This is how in my mind I was going to be capable of doing what I want to do, ppff! Haha Only in my dreams!


So I had to go back after I fall off the bicycle due to a 2mi/hr wind! Lol. I thought ok I’ll just get ride of a couple of these big stuff that really don’t need and rushed back to drop them off and get back on the road! Little that I knew bicycle was absolutely overweighted, poorly distribution of that same weight! Almost too simple of a concept with profound implications in terms of handling and control of the bike.

Second attempt!

So after realizing I did not have to leave in a rush without thinking things through was not going to do any good to my adventure.
After reevaluating my initial set up I took a few items I really didn’t need, use some spaces I didn’t think of before and most importantly I reduced the volume of the load which not necessarily means lighter but although closely related, has a great impact on the handling of the bicycle specially when exceeds certain height.
So in resume this is what I ended up with on my second attempt. And guess what?! It works beautifully! I can definitely feel the load on the back but I have near to 100% control of the bike now.



Total height is now below 18″ and it makes a huge difference!
So now I am ready!


What do YOU think?

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