First real attemt… 2 days camping trip… learning experience

Never try to be better than someone else, always learn from others, never cease trying to be the best you could be. Success is the by-product of that preparation

I took this quote from a very successful American college basketball coach John Wooden when he refers to a coaching philosophy and also a definition of success.


This is a quote I have borrowed form Coach Wooden as my own philosophy of coaching until I find my own. And it is so telling and so accurate for this time. I went on my trip about a week ago, what ended up being a 2 day camping trip and 14 hours of biking in 2 days… Summary? Extremely sore legs, specially my knees. I was sore in places I have never felt pain before lol. As a result I had to come back after 70 some miles on my first day. I was waiting to see what all this will bring as a learning experience after the first feelings of disconcert. And I was right, after about a week it comes to my mind this quote and with it others (also from John Wooden) that make perfect sense. Some people told me when I started sharing my ideas about my trip, that I was going to “fail” and was not going to make it. Well the way I see it is that you have already “failed” if you think that way. For me there is no “fail” in life. Life is NOT a game where there are winners and losers, where with every idea you have to make dreams come true, you have to have a loose or win at the end of that endeavor. That is too narrow of a view, if I try to simplify the complexity of life in only two categories. Life is simple but not easy, if I try to explain life and its experiences with only 2 categories or classifications if you will, “good or evil”, “Black or white”, “1 or 0”. I will miss the “whole” which is in the middle…  Experiences are ONLY experiences that can teach us or that can be our nightmares, both of those choices are made by ourselves, which one do I choose? and if we do not try because we are utterly afraid of “failure”, which again, is an illusion, failure is only in our minds; then How could we ever learn if not by trying? 🙂

Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be

John Wooden


There is a lesson on every single step of the way and in thousands of different areas. Technically I learned that I need a different bicycle, this frame is just too big for my size. After reading others blogs and hearing that you do not need a top end bicycle, which is true, you DO need a bicycle of the RIGHT SIZE! haha Specially if you are planning on being on it for hours at a time, otherwise the pain will be exponentially increased and pain where you shouldn’t feel pain.

Also it was good to have a sense of the things I absolutely need, that means I need to reduce the weight I am carrying but now I know which thing I would be having to send back along the way due to the fact I do not need them.


I need more training, a correct size bicycle and less weight. Plan of action? Work my way up with little camping trips around my area until I am capable of riding for at leas 5 hours at a time with reasonable pain. In the mean time keep doing what I love (yet another thing I love doing lol), teaching kids tennis and promote an active life style among the youngsters. 🙂

I will leave you with yet another brilliant quote of coach Wooden and a TEDTallk of him!. Talk to you soon!

Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction and knowing you’ve made the effort, do the best of what you’re capable.


One response to “First real attemt… 2 days camping trip… learning experience

  1. Great post! When I was planning my trip across the US in 2012 I received some of the same negativity you did. What these people seemed unable to realize is that going on adventures like this is mostly mental. Once you have your mind set on it you are most of the way there.

    Good luck on your awesome adventure. I look forward to hearing about it. There will definitely be rough days filled with soreness but it will be well worth it.

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