Chioce and Free Will

Are we really independent and free?

What is choice? do we really have a choice and free will? what is our really freedom and independence? Are we really independent? Are we somehow responsible for our actions, thoughts and attitudes?
This questions have been in my head for a little while now and it seems that, in accordance with sacred ancient scriptures that it is not so, I mean that we do not possess this so-called free will. This is part of the illusion of this human experience. Part of our learning lessons, part of what I must overcome to later be in charge, responsible and most importantly consciously aware of what reality and truth is.
It seems to me that our only purpose in this life is to realize or in other words remember who we are where we come from and what we are doing here during our short stay in this material universe.
I feel that I must remember that I am here to serve, to surrender to the force that is in control of my very being, my thoughts, mind and actions of this body. And my purpose is to surrender to that to relinquish totally the idea of control. I am not in control of absolutely anything, the only thing that I am in control of is the possibility to become consciously aware of what is really going on. Or remain unconscious and suffer, in the ocean of duality until I become aware that all of it is not but an illusion.


What do YOU think?

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