The biking continues

So I have been back in Chile for a while, traveling here and visiting old friends. Now it is time to continue the cycling and the journey.

In November I will be traveling to Mexico to then come back to South America by bicycle as it was meant from the beginning. 

The preparation has taken a little longer than I thought, The Universe had planned thing a little different than what I thought they were going to be but that great because I have learnt so much and I feel it is a preparation for what it is to come. I am now ready to or at least ready for the near future. The learning is constant and it never ends as it doesn’t have a beginning…

One of the lessons 

One of the things that all this time has taught me is that nothing in this material universe is permanent and therefore not worth getting attached to it. At timea when I find a person, a place, or even a time when I feel happiness, I want that moment to last for ever, I want that person to stay by me or I want to stay in that place for ever… but it is not possible and the traveling teaches me that. It force me to keep moving, to love and give as much as I can without attachment, being able to let go, to remember but to not think of experiences, people or places as if they were”mine”; they are not and the best I know for the moment is just to enjoy all of them while they last night because surely they will go away as they came, like the wind… I let go of the wind knowing in my heart it will.come back again and it will bring with him more and wonderful lessons, people, places and experiences that form part of the whole, part of God and that IS eternal.


What do YOU think?

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