I do not want to be the judge…

I have judged and changed the way I behaved toward others because of those judgements and prejudices. But no more I do not want to be the judge anymore I believe it is not my duty and so I just want to love. I do not care about your past nor your future plans, I want to love for what others are in the here and now.

I want to be a source of unconditional love to whoever needs it. I thought and felt really sad at time before the thought that unconditional love didn’t exist but then I realized that unconditional love did exist and I had experienced it from my mother and that I could also be the source of that love. Someone also told me that love can only be acquired by paying someone, I do not think that’s true.

Now just want to be as I have no memory and no preconceived ideas so I can love everyone as they are, childrens of God.


What do YOU think?

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