Need the stress

I am dominating, practicing in a way, how to handle stress. How to be in the unknown, out of the comfort zone. I want to move and be in places I don’t know with people I don’t know doing things I haven’t done. And by doing so I can grow and give and be revealed things, True! I want to be pruned. And yes I want to suffer if that means I am discovering the TRUTH.

The stress keeps me humble it reminds me of my self, my real one, the one behind the veil, that which gets out of the way at times, that which when it gets lifted let me experience the until now, elusive Truth. It is co consciousness.

And what is the challenge?

The challenge is to detach from that stress. Feel it and experience it yes but do not going to those states of mind, do not stay the same and held by invisible strings. Attached to ideas, thoughts, prejudices, actions and events of the past or the future.

I want to live the Truth because the Truth makes me free and now that makes real sense to me. To whom know me and have talked to me, I now I “understand” what I already knew. And thus it is complete, let’s move on to the next one.


What do YOU think?

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