To Pucon now

I am moving to a city in the south of Chile called Pucon. It is by the lake called Villarrica and a volcano of the same name. It is gorgeous.

I will be wwoofing at place called Ayun Mapu. Owned by a couple of American doctors and writers. The place is beautiful and the land near these ancient mountains have a lot to teach. Here is also the website for the place that offers luxury cabins for visitors. Check it out, perhaps you are calling to these mountains.

The place? Well here are some pictures. The care taker is super cool  and the surroundings are amaizing.
I will be staying in this cabin for myself until is time to go up to Mexico in November. I have all I could ever ask for and more but as Christopher Mac candle said, “happiness is only real when shared.”

So here it is for all to be part of my happiness specially dedicated to those how have also been with me through not so good times (you know who you are)😉. Love you guys.


What do YOU think?

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