México. Pto. Vallarta to Acapulco 

So here I am, doing it finally. After more than two years since I attempted to leave my old life and experiment a completely new one. Perhaps for some it might be easier for me no, it wasn’t and still struggling to detach from many of my old and hardened of habits, but at least I am finally doing what I wanted, bike from Mexico to Chile.

Started in Pto. Vallarta 

So I started in Puerto Vallarta on the 13th of November. I biked to a town called Tecoman near the Pacific coast of Mexico, south part of the Mexican Pacific that is.

So that took me about 4 days and then I am wwoofing in a farm near the beach, about 2km from it, called Rancho Mi Tierra.

I have been here for about almost two weeks now and I finally got some repair parts I needed to just do proper maintenance on the machine, that by the way, has been amazing. Once again Trek is loyal. Very good bikes I must say, and shimano components are also outstanding. Any way, so I am leaving this rancho in two days to head to Acapulco, were I intent to spend Christmas.

What’s next?

From there I will be visiting another farm in Pto. Escondido farther east from Acapulco. As the idea is to ride along the Pacific coast up to Oaxaca state in Mexico and then in that narrow section cross to Veracruz and ride then along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

So here I go again! Wish me luck and thank you to all of you that make this possible without you I couldn’t do it.


What do YOU think?

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