After a while of planning and thinking about a bicycle trip across the U.S. and then to South America and despite of being called “crazy”, “selfish”, hippie”, and a “looser” (whatever that means! LOL), finally things have fall into place and it seems that the trip is becoming a reality. I am a 35 year old human being born in Chile, South America but living in the U.S. for the last few years.

My idea of this blog is to share with others my experiences just like other are also doing about their adventures. Also I want to write about my thoughts and ideas about life and the universe in which we live in. I think that is going to be the main content for this blog. It is my first time writing anything that will be viewed publicly, so it will be a learning experience and i hope you enjoy it.

I decided to write a blog because after 30 something years of my life, finally I feel like I have something to say and I feel confident about my ideas and thought, which wasn’t always the case. I figured that by writing I get to reach the people that might be interested in reading my thoughts, in other word whoever choose to read this will be doing it by choice and not because they have no other choice than to listen to someone else even when they are not interested on what that person has to say. Thus my words won’t be lost and might find a place in others thoughts.


I am planning on doing this trip with almost no money, putting myself in the hands of others and nature and being absolutely confident that I won’t be disappointed and the the universe won’t let me alone, just like it has been the case for the 35 years of my life. Also I will be WWOOFing during the trip!



Well I get my inspiration from various sources. The first time I had the idea of a long bicycle tour I ran across Tom Allen’s web site. I soon found myself fascinated by the spontaneity of this person aand how easy he made it look and it made so much sense to me. I bought his movie “Janapar” and the next thing I know I am almost ready to sail on my own adventure.

I also find inspiration in music. A few years ago a very estrange but not unique change started taking place within me. All the things that once I thought were real and unchangeable were no more and a whole new understanding of the world around me and myself as a human being started taking an unexpected turn.

Along other events in my life I also ran across this very particular music band the resonated deep within me, even when I didn’t understand some of its lyrics when listening they produced amazing emotions and sensation in me that filled me with passion and confidence about what I have known all my life but was never sure due to the fact I never knew there were others out there that thought and felt like me. I have not met any of these people in person yet but that is one of the goals of my trip and I hope to find them and learn from them and well as share my wisdom with anyone willing to hear.

The band I am talking about is “Medicine for the People”. Their lyrics are full of profound meaning that makes sense at least to me. Here I finish this introduction with one of the songs that brings me strength to do what I am about to do.


What do YOU think?

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